Welcome to Room 305
Tygarts Valley High School

I have retired from teaching mathematics at Tygarts Valley High School, Mill Creek, West Virginia. TVHS is a school of 500 students in grades 6-12. We opened the 2001-02 school year in a new building. My room is in the new section of TVHS. The middle school students occupy the older section of our school. TVHS adopted block scheduling in the fall of 1996, and the staff and students have adapted to the 90 minute class periods.  With the addition of the 6th Grade, the middle school classes went back to a traditional 45 minute schedule. My schedule usually included several Geometry classes, along with an Algebra II and a Trig. I served as treasurer of the TVHS Faculty Senate for 11 years, as the president for 5 years and vice president for 2 years. The 2009-10 school year completed my 18th year at Tygarts Valley. Previously, I taught 15 years at Pickens High School. I compiled sports statistics for the Potomac Valley Conference and the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission. My offical date for retirement was June 9, 2010. 

My 4th Block Algebra II Class working on an assignment in 1997.
The pictures were taken in Room 9, which is now Room 109 in the Middle School section.
The math painting was created by Brian Daniels and Kip Matthew.


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