West Virginia Boys Basketball
Class AAA State Champions 1959-2017

Semi-Finalists are listed on the second line
Quarter-Finalists are listed on the 3rd & 4th lines
8 teams have advanced to tourney site since 1971
2017 AAA
Huntington(22-5)50, Capital(23-5)42
Morgantown, University
Parkersburg South, George Washington
Musselman, Martinsburg
2016 AAA
Morgantown(27-0)65, Huntington(25-2)62
Woodrow Wilson, Parkerburg South
Martinsburg, Capital
Musselman, Hurricane
2015 AAA
Huntington(23-5)53, Parkersburg South(24-4)50
Hurricane, Woodrow Wilson
Greenbrier East, Martinsburg
Parkersburg, Musselman
2014 AAA
Huntington(23-4)55, Hurricane(21-7)54
Hedgesville, Washington
George Washington, Morgantown
Parkersburg South, South Charleston
2013 AAA
Martinsburg(26-2)57, Woodrow Wilson(23-5)52
South Charleston, Washington
Parkersburg South, Hurricane
Huntington, Morgantown
2012 AAA
Hedgesville(23-6)33, George Washington(21-7)32
Parkersburg, Martinsburg
Wheeling Park, Logan
Farimont Sr., South Charleston
2011 AAA
George Washinton(25-3)55, Wheling Park(24-4)54
Hedgesville, Morgantown
Logan, Robert C. Byrd
South,Woodrow Wilson
2010 AAA
Logan(25-3)63, Wheeling Park(23-3)48
Capital, South Charleston
Hedgesville, Martinsburg
George Washington, Morgantown

2009 AAA
Martinsburg(26-2)53, South Charleston(26-2)52
Woodrow Wilson, Wheeling Park
Winfield, Musselman
Parkersburg South, John Marshall

2008 AAA
Woodrow Wilson(19-7), South Charleston(24-2)55
Morgantown, Capital
Preston, Huntington
Robert C. Byrd, Martinsburg

2007 AAA
Huntington(25-2)103, South Charleston(22-4)61
Morgantown, Bridgeport
Jefferson, Fairmont Sr.
Capital, Woodrow Wilson

2006 AAA
Huntington(25-2)61, George Washington(23-4)49
Woodrow Wilson, Capital
Martinsburg, Fairmont Senior
Wheeling Park, Bridgeport
2005 AAA
Huntington(24-2)67, Woodrow Wilson(19-8)56
Capital, Morgantown
South Charleston, Preston
Jefferson, Buckhannon-Upshur
2004 AAA
Woodrow Wilson(24-4)49, Hedgesville(24-4)41
Capital, Huntington
Morgantown, Robert C. Byrd
St. Albans, North Marion
2003 AAA
Parkersburg South(21-6)68, Martinsburg(19-5)57
South Charleston, Morgantown
North Marion, Robert C. Byrd
Spring Valley, Woodrow Wilson
2002 AAA
Cabell Midland(25-3)61, South Charleston(23-4)54
Morgantown, Riverside
Parkersburg South, Robert C. Byrd
Martinsburg, Greenbrier East
2001 AAA
Capital(21-6)64, George Washington(21-6)61
East Fairmont, Martinsburg
Cabell Midland, Parkersburg
Woodrow Wilson, Robert C. Byrd
2000 AAA
Capital(22-5)67, Woodrow Wilson(21-5)64
George Washington, Wheeling Park
Elkins, Morgantown
Spring Valley, Martinsburg
1999 AAA
North Marion(23-2)49, Capital(17-8)48
Woodrow Wilson, South Charleston
Parkersburg South, Nitro
Hedgesville, Phillip Barbour
1998 AAA
Woodrow Wilson(22-3)96, Fairmont Sr(21-5)48
Wheeling Park, Martinsburg
Capital, Huntington
St. Albans, Elkins
1997 AAA
Woodrow Wilson(24-2)83, Wheeling Park(20-6)76
Hedgesville, George Washington
Preston, Capital
Robert C. Byrd, Cabell Midland
1996 AAA
Fairmont Sr(19-5)61, Robert C. Byrd(22-2)59
Woodrow Wilson, George Washington
Wheeling Park, Ripley
Huntington East, Jefferson
1995 AAA
Wheeling Park(24-2)99, W. Wilson(20-6)96
Fairmont Senior, Martinsburg
Washington-Irving, Logan
Nitro, Parkersburg
1994 AAA
Martinsburg(23-2)79, DuPont(24-3)73
Brooke, Huntington
Woodrow Wilson, Capital
University, Liberty(H)
1993 AAA
W. Wilson(25-2)60, Geo. Washington (22-5)49
Brooke, Liberty(H)
Jefferson, Morgantown
Capital, Logan
1992 AAA
Woodrow Wilson(24-3)79, Fairmont Sr.(24-1)59
Capital, Huntington
Wheeling Park, Jefferson
Preston, South Charleston
1991 AAA
Logan(23-4)86, Woodrow Wilson(24-3)78
Brooke, Parkersburg
Martinsburg, North Marion
DuPont, South Charleston
1990 AAA
Woodrow Wilson(23-4)81, Martinsburg(24-3)75
Wheeling Park, Logan
Fairmont Senior, Morgantown
South Charleston, Capital
1989 AAA
Oak Hill(26-1)56, Brooke(22-4)49
Fairmont Senior, Stonewall Jackson
Martinsburg, North Marion
DuPont, Logan
1988 AAA
Huntington(25-2)91, Martinsburg(19-7)88
Wheeling Park, Woodrow Wilson
East Fairmont, Fairmont Senior
DuPont, St. Albans
1987 AAA
Brooke(25-1)58, Charleston(21-5)48
Morgantown, Logan
Jefferson, Parkersburg
Oak Hill, South Charleston
1986 AAA
Stonewall Jackson(23-3)73, Oak Hill(23-4)64
Martinsburg, St. Albans
Wheeling Park, Liberty(H)
Morgantown, Logan
1985 AAA
Stonewall Jackson(26-0)63, St.Albans(21-5)57
Greenbrier East, Logan
Weir, Martinsburg
Liberty(H), Lewis County
1984 AAA
Oak Hill(23-3)78, Stonewall Jackson(22-4)63
South Charleston, Martinsburg
Liberty(H), Fairmont Senior
Wheeling Park, Logan
1983 AAA
Logan(22-4)55, South Charleston(23-3)54
Weir, Stonewall Jackson
Lincoln, Fairmont Senior
Oak Hill, Martinsburg
1982 AAA
Stonewall Jack.(22-5)62, So. Charleston(24-2)61
Jefferson , Logan
Wheeling Park, Bridgeport
Fairmont Senior, Oak Hill
1981 AAA
Princeton(20-6)51, Williamson(25-1)47
Greenbrier East, Stonewall Jackson
Wheeling Park, Parkersburg
East Fairmont, South Charleston
1980 AAA
Wheeling Park(23-3)49, St. Albans(19-7)48
Princeton, Huntington
Parkersburg South, South Charleston
Buckhannon-Upshur, Martinsburg
1979 AAA
Princeton(23-3)59, Logan(21-4)57
Liberty(H), South Charleston
Wheeling Park, Jefferson
Buckhannon-Upshur, DuPont
1978 AAA
Logan(25-1)67, East Bank(22-3)60
Woodrow Wilson, Stonewall Jackson
Wheeling Park, Greenbrier West
Washington-Irving, Fairmont Senior
1977 AAA
Logan(22-4)111, Washington Irving(22-4)87
Martinsburg, St. Albans
Lewis County, Bluefield
East Bank, Wheeling Park
1976 AAA
Wheeling(22-3)59, Charleston(14-11)52
Martinsburg, Logan
Grafton, Richwood
Oak Hill Collins, DuPont
1975 AAA
Barboursville(23-4)58, St. Albans(22-4)57
Morgantown, Woodrow Wilson
Point Pleasant, George Washington
Lewis County, Wheeling Central
1974 AAA
Charleston(24-2)81, Logan(24-2)74
George Washington, Woodrow Wilson
Jefferson, Wheeling
Parkersburg, Lewis County
1973 AAA
Charleston(25-0)76, Parkersburg(16-10)56
Welch, Huntington
Greenbrier East, Wheeling
DuPont, Jefferson
1972 AAA
Greenbrier East(25-1)64, Dunbar(22-4)58
Bluefield, Huntington
Charles Town, Parkersburg South
George Washington, Triadelphia
1971 AAA
George Wash.(25-1)72, Charles Town(24-1)61
Greenbrier East, Charleston
Wheeling, Logan
Woodrow Wilson, Parkersburg
1970 AAA
Parkersburg(25-1)61, Logan(18-8)54
Greenbrier East, George Washington
(Wheeling, East Fairmont)
(Bluefield, Charleston)
1969 AAA
Huntington(24-2)75,Oak Hill Collins(19-7)57
Bridgeport, Lewis County
(John Marshall, Greenbrier East)
(Bluefield, Charleston)
1968 AAA
Charleston(25-0)78, Woodrow Wilson(21-5)64
Martinsburg, Wheeling
(Parkersburg, Lewis County)
(Herbert Hoover, Williamson)
1967 AAA
Woodrow Wilson(24-2)75, Charleston(24-2)69
Elkins, Wellsburg
(Wheeling, Richwood)
(Princeton, Williamson)
1966 AAA
Dunbar(24-2)87, Moundsville(18-7)62
Richwood, Woodrow Wilson
(Follansbee, Grafton)
(Big Creek, Stonewall Jackson)
1965 AAA
Woodrow Wilson(19-6)69, Williamson(25-1)67
Triadelphia, Elkins
(Parkersburg, Martinsburg)
(Bluefield, Stonewall Jackson)
1964 AAA
Logan(25-1)81, Weir(23-2)73
Morgantown, Woodrow Wilson
(Point Pleasant, Elkins)
(Princeton, St. Albans)
1963 AAA
Weir(19-5)67, Logan(21-3)50
East Fairmont, Welch
(Washington Irving, Martinsburg)
(Princeton, St. Albans)
1962 AAA
Woodrow Wilson(25-0)71, Weir(24-1)69
Elkins, South Charleston
(Moundsville, Richwood)
(East Bank, Logan)
1961 AAA
Huntington(23-2)78, Woodrow Wilson(17-9)71
Wheeling, Martinsburg
(Parkersburg, Weston)
(DuPont, South Charleston)
1960 AAA
Parkersburg(19-5)56, Montgomery(25-1)38
Elkins, Huntington
(Wheeling, Clay Co.)
(Bluefield, South Charleston)
1959 AAA
South Charleston(24-3)73, Fairmont Sr(20-5)67
Weir, DuPont
(Moundsville, Richwood)
(Woodrow Wilson, Huntington)
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