Instrumental Music
I have been an instrumentalist since 1964. I started playing the trumpet at the end of 5th grade. I was a member of the Paden City Wildcat Band from 1967 to 1971. During my senior year, I was the first chair trumpet. Our band played Grade 5 music for our state band festival (I had solos in 1970 & 1971). We received an Excellent rating in 1968, and the next three years were Superior ratings. Paden City High School's enrollment was around 300 students in grades 9-12, and there were around 100 band members each year. I also played in the Stage Band from 1968 to 1971. We placed 2nd in the state's stage band competition in 1969. My most memorable band events occurred during the football season. The Wildcat Marching Band went to every football game, and the Wildcat football team compiled a record of 31-12, with a State Championship in 1970 and 2nd Place in 68 & 69. The marching band preformed 4 or 5 different halftime shows each season and our music pouch contained around 75 selections. After graduation I attended West Liberty State College and continued to develop my musical talents. I minored in Instrumental Music and changed instruments. I became a F Hornist and played Mozart's 3rd Horn Concerto at my recital. At college I learned to play the clarinet and trombone. I had already aquired piano and flute/piccolo skills. Since college I have performed with the Paden City Alumni Band and in small ensembles at various times. My wind instrument of choice is now the Baritone(TC) that I purchased in 1996. Since the purchase of a new computer in 1995, I have become a MIDI music nut. I have arranged almost 100 Sousa marches in MIDI format. I have arranged several marches by other composers and I have even composed a march of my own. In the past two years I have become an expert on marches. In the next two pages, I will explain the history and structure of marches. The following MIDI files are marches that I performed in high school. There is also a link to the Sousa Home Page where my Sousa MIDI files are located.

Barnum & Bailey's Favorite(1913) by K. L. King
E Pluribus Unum(1917) by Fred Jewell
Orange Bowl by Henry Fillmore
Hosts of Freedom by K. L. King
March America by Bill Moffit
National Emblem(1906) by E. E. Bagley
Sounding Brass by Everett Maxwell
Them Basses(1924) by Getty H. Huffine
March Grandioso(1909) by Roland F. Seitz
Bombasto(1895) by Orion R. Farrar
Brasses to the Fore by Harold L. Walters
Under The Double Eagle by J. F. Wagner
Vagrant(1996) by C. W. Higginbotham
Wave the Flag (Paden City's Fight Song)
Hail West Virginia

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