The following pages explore the important parts of my life. 
They are 1) my community, 2) my profession, 3) my music, 
4) my favorite sport, and 5) our family vacations. 
Click on the images to explore my world. 


Helvetia, West Virginia,
my adopted home hamlet in the mountains

Tygarts Valley High School,
where I taught Geometry, Algebra II, & Trig

Instrumental Music,
Sousa Marches with good Baritone parts

College & High School Football,
the WVU Mountaineers, TVHS Bulldogs, & Paden City Wildcats

Family Vacations,
Cruises to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Europe

And I like Cats, too!

Woodman's Home Page
Created June 7, 1997
Last update June 6, 2013
Created by Woody Higginbotham
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